Your Mom Was Right, Cheaters Never Win!

by on April 19, 2010

I was talking today with a lady that told me that she has been doing crunches and sit ups for the last month and still can’t seem to lose any weight. She was complaining about her metabolism and said that everyone in her family is overweight.

She told me that she quit drinking so much Coke and drinks three or four bottles of Iced tea instead, (sweetened). She doesn’t eat after 9:00 at night, unless she is watching TV,and then only eats some pretzels with dip.

I’m listening to this lady talk to me and I start to think that I may be on one of those hidden camera shows! The more that I talk to her about her diet and lifestyle, the more I’m expecting some guy to come popping out of the bushes!

iStock 000005701531XSmall Your Mom Was Right, Cheaters Never Win![It's amazing to me that some people actually believe that doing crunches are going to help you to lose weight. Don't get me wrong, crunches have some benefit, although not much in my opinion. The problem is that crunches alone will do very little for you, especially if you are eating too many calories!]

Here’s how our conversation kind of went:

Nice lady: I just can’t seem to lose any weight, Kelly. My body was just meant to be fat.

Me: Well, are you taking in less calories than you are using on a consistent basis?

Nice Lady: Diets never really work for me so I don’t bother anymore.

Me: Umm. . . are you exercising consistently?

Nice lady: I started doing those situps and crunches at least a month ago, but I don’t usually do too many of them. I get really sore and they don’t seem to help very much.

Me: Oh, I see. Well, do you do any sort of resistance training or any cardio training?

Nice lady: My son told me that I should join a gym, but I said, “I don’t want to get big muscles and look like one of those freaky women bodybuilders! I just want to lose some weight around my waist and on my Butt.”

Me: Yeah, it actually takes years and alot of hard work and dedication to gain a lot of muscle. I think you should be okay to do some resistance training. It will actually help you to lose fat and keep the muscle that you have. So tell me what you have changed in your lifestyle this last month to get in shape and lose fat.

Nice lady:
I told you already about those crunches and I cut out the Cokes and I don’t eat all that much at night anymore. See what I mean, nothing ever seems to work for me. I think I’m a lost cause, what do you think?

Me: You’re definitely not a lost cause. You just need to make some adjustments to what you eat and how you exercise. Track everything that you do and see what results you get. Once you start to see results, you can adjust your workouts and diet to better fit your body. Everybody can lose weight and get in shape, it’s all cause and effect.

Nice lady: Yeah, it’s easy for you to say. You are in good shape already. You can probably eat whatever you want, right? I just can’t seem to find anything that works! I wish they would come up with some kind of pill that I could take and then wake up skinny!

Me: Yeah, I know. It’s what the supplement industry is banking on! So, if you want to learn what works and what doesn’t and are willing to put some effort in to it, let me know. I know that you will lose weight if you follow along with what I show you.

Nice lady: I don’t know. I’m worried that it won’t work and I will just feel worse. I just can’t understand why I never lose any weight even when I work so hard.

Me: Wow, I can’t seem to figure it out either. Okay, well, good luck to you.

Nice lady: Kelly, please let me know if you hear of a diet that actually works. I really want to get in shape.

Me: Sure, you will be the first person I call!

Sad but true

The sad part about this is that this is a true story! I actually had this conversation with someone and the worst part is that she’s not the only person out there that thinks like this! There are so many people confused about diet and fitness or really believe in the “something for nothing” way of life.

Did you notice how everything was not her fault and no matter how “hard” she worked, nothing seemed to help? She also said that it’s easy for me to say because I am already in good shape! It never occurred to her, why I am in the shape that I am. When the alarm goes off at 4:00 am and I get up so I can get ready and make it to the gym by 5:30, I would much rather stay in bed. Anyone of us that have ever achieved anything worthwhile, has worked for it, and got out of it what we put in to it.

[Even Homer can make progress with a little hard work and dedication!]

There are no shortcuts, just honest work!

One of my favorite things about dieting and fitness training is that there are no shortcuts. (Not counting steroids or growth hormone!) My point is that you can be lazy and try and cheat your way through your job, relationships, parenting, etc. But you can’t cheat your body. You are either putting the work and discipline in and seeing the results, or you are cheating and not getting the results.

I like that. . . I like the honesty in it. I wish more things were like that today. Let me know what you think.

 Your Mom Was Right, Cheaters Never Win!

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4 comments on “Your Mom Was Right, Cheaters Never Win!

  1. The proactive nature of exercise and fitness cannot be avoided. As a physical therapist, many of my patients want me to “fix them”. A good deal of my PT sessions are devoted to educating my patients in this idea that is inherent in all aspects of our physical being. My mantra is “Your health is your health. As a PT, I have no power over your health”. Conversely, my health is my health and it responds best to I do for it.
    .-= Bryan´s last blog ..10 Sensible Tips to Make the Most of Your Health Related Fitness Workout Routines =-.

  2. Bryan,
    I think that it’s not only your patients that want you or someone else to “fix them”, it’s a growing number of people that are looking for someone else to “fix them”. It’s a shame that more people don’t roll their sleeves up and get to work at fixing their own lives instead of waiting for someone else to bail them out.

  3. Brother T on said:


    I call it the Oprah and Dr. Phil effect. So many people believe that nothing is actually their fault! I can’t do something or something happened in my life so someone else must be the blame! “How does that make you feel?” AHHHH! Shit happens people, if you want to make a change, get up off your ass and do it yourself! (See what happens when there’s no Pens game on, I surf and spread opinions)Ha!

  4. admin on said:

    I like when you spread opinions! Keep it up. It is true though, people need to just quit blaming everyone and everything and for once take control of their life! Isn’t it more empowering to know that you control your life instead of someone else doing it to you. People need to quit being victims and start living.

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