Workout Without Weights This Summer And Get In Your Best Shape Ever!

by on June 16, 2010

Tired of the gym and longing to get outside in to the nice weather? You should workout without weights for a few months and just concentrate on body weight exercises outside in nature. In fact, I am going to go over a routine that I designed to do just that.

I wrote in my last post about how I love to train outside with body weight exercises and how easily it can be done with little to no equipment. In this post I am going to go over a sample workout that I have done in the past that you may wish to try out. This is pretty basic and as you get used to it, it can be made more difficult with some variations to the exercises. Always train safely and do not push too hard, only you know your own body and limitations.

iStock 000004784606XSmall Workout Without Weights This Summer And Get In Your Best Shape Ever![The military are some of the toughest people on the planet, especially the special forces. They usually don't have access to a gym and when they are out in the middle of the desert or in the jungle, they rely on body weight exercises to stay in optimal shape. I was on a submarine while in the US Navy, and did my share of workouts without any weights and was able to still train incredibly hard!]

The purpose is not to follow this routine exactly, but to just give you an idea of what type of routine that can be done outside. I usually take a bunch of different workouts or philosophies that I have learned in the past and make my own workouts out of them. I have yet to find the perfect workout, but there are many that I have tried that work well depending on what I am trying to accomplish. This routine will work great for getting in to shape and losing weight. I am not saying that you can’t gain muscle or strength with it, but I think that there are better ways to do that. For me, this is more of a general maintenance or weight loss program to do in the warmer months of the year, while being able to get out of the gym for a while.

If you dislike a certain exercise or it is too easy, just substitute it for another one that works the same bodypart. Just be sure to train with a purpose and have a clear picture of what you are trying to accomplish. This way you can focus on doing the type of workout that will move you closer to your goals.

I usually train three times a week when doing body weight training and do it on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can adjust this to fit your schedule, although I would not do more than three days a week. This workout includes nine different exercises that will thoroughly work your entire body. If you are struggling in the beginning just do less reps and as you get stronger, you can add reps and go faster. The key is to do this entire workout all the way through taking as little rest as possible.

The only equipment that you will need is a rope that you can tie around a tree branch for the suspended exercises. If you do not have a rope yet, just substitute different exercises for now.

Here are the exercises:

1. Prisoner Squats
2. Close grip Pushup (Can also do this suspended with a rope)
3. Bulgarian Split Squats with Jump (Foot on a log, branch, or in rope)
4. Inverted Rows with Rope (Suspended)
5. Spiderman Pushups
6. Pull ups with Rope
7. Mountain Climbers
8. Hip Extensions
9. Planks (60 seconds)

Here are some videos that will help explain some of these exercises and also some cool ways to use resistance band training, which can also be done outside. If you need help with any of the exercises, just let me know.

You can do as little as 20 reps and as much as 50 reps per exercise. If you are trying this out for the first time, just go through them all at 20 reps and increase each workout until you can do 50 reps per workout with little rest. The planks at the end are just one set for 60 seconds, although as your abs get stronger, you can add an additional set or add side planks.

As you do each exercise, do as many reps as you can without rest. If you have to rest, then take a short rest and get at it again. If you can’t do 50 pushups at once, then it may take you three sets to get all 50. Just stick with each exercise and don’t move to the next exercise until all of the reps are done.

If you are doing 50 reps per exercise and you do 31 spiderman pushups and can’t get anymore, stop for a short breather, and then get at it again. Maybe you get 11 pushups this time, take another short rest of 30 seconds or so, and then get the last 8 pushups. Once all of the 50 pushups are done, you then move on to the next exercise. If you are doing the pullups, you may wish to cut the reps down a bit, 50 pull ups will be very difficult for most. You don’t want to take too much time or too many sets to get to 50. If this is the case, just do 25 reps or so.

You should try and get all of your reps in each exercise with around three sets and only around 30 seconds of rest between these sets. If it is taking 5 or 6 sets and you are really struggling, just cut down on the reps for that specific exercise.

Cardio Training:

After doing this workout, I would do around 15 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I will usually run while doing this and use a 30 second/90 second ratio with a cool down at the end. This can easily be done on a bike also if you have access to a bike trail or other area. Between the body weight exercises and the interval cardio training, you should be able to finish in around 45 minutes to an hour at most.

This isn’t the only way to do this kind of workout, it is just one example of many different variations that can be done. If it seems too easy, I would wait until you go through it once before you give your opinion, and it can always be made harder with some tweaking.

If you can get through the entire routine with little rest and proper form, you will definitely be in great shape! I am going to go in to each exercise and the proper way to do them, as well as what specific muscles that they are working in a future post. Most people think that you have to be in a gym using weights to get a good workout. Do this routine through from beginning to end and you will agree you can also workout without weights for a killer workout! Let me know what you think in the comments section and if you have any questions.

[Check this guy out, he may not be human! If you think that body weight training is too easy, you won't after watching this! Turn your volume down though, unless you like gangsta rap!]

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14 comments on “Workout Without Weights This Summer And Get In Your Best Shape Ever!

  1. Darrin on said:

    Excellent post, Kelly. I’m well into my “bodyweight summer” and am loving it! Saving time and money by taking a break from the gym while still getting amazing results.
    Darrin´s last [type] ..Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Start the Day Right

  2. admin on said:

    I know! I really do love this kind of training although after a while I am itching to get back in the gym. It works out great because the weather in Pittsburgh doesn’t stay good all that long. I guess if I was really hardcore, I could train outside in the snow! I’m too much of a sissy when it comes to the cold though!

  3. Yavor on said:

    I bet the submarine forced you guys to find creative ways to train. Sometimes limitations give birth to creativity and achievements far exceeding what people who “have it all” can accomplish.

    I’d be great for you to share more tips from your Navy training experience!


  4. admin on said:

    Yeah, it was actually kind of cool training on the Sub. I was one of the few that actually trained though. The majority of the crew wasn’t really in to working out. I guess there’s a reason they chose subs instead of trying to be a Navy Seal! When I was down in Virginia in training, before I got stationed on my sub, I lived in an apartment next to a Navy Seal. This guy was really low key, but he was like a machine when he trained, pretty badass!

  5. Yavor on said:

    Kelly – I think really, really strong people are low key like that. At one of the hard core gyms I used to go, to there was this super strong dude, who would deadlift like a ton of weight. He was also the one giving off the most humble vibe…

  6. admin on said:

    Yeah the people that have that quiet confidence don’t have to go out of their way to impress anyone. I kind of feel sorry for the ones that try too hard to fit in. I guess they may have issues in their life that we don’t know about. I am just happy to be able to consistently workout and to keep learning from sites like Rusty’s and the rest of you guys. We have a pretty awesome network of bloggers now. If you put all of our knowledge and experience together, that’s an incredible database. I look forward to seeing how everybody is doing down the road.

  7. Dave on said:

    Excellent body weight routine. It shows that you can get a fat burning workout done pretty much anywhere. Not overly complicated either. Nice work!
    Dave´s last [type] ..How often to workout?

  8. admin on said:

    That’s true, you can pretty much train anywhere. I really think it is cool training outside in the woods though. There is something primal about it I guess, but I really love it. I wish i lived in a warmer climate year around!

  9. Raymond on said:

    That guy in the video is insane.
    Its great seeing those bodyweight exercises and see what can be possible.
    But I’m never going walk past a children’s playground again without trying one of those extreme manoeuvres.
    Raymond´s last [type] ..MMA Core Workout:The Secret for Granite Abs

  10. admin on said:

    Yeah, that guy is a madman. He has some incredible strength and flexibility! He’s one of those guys that after watching him, he makes me feel like I need to step it up a little. It’s amazing what the human body can do, but I think he is kind of a freak of nature, though!

  11. parent coaching on said:

    Oh wow that guy is crazy and in very fit condition. He reminds me of this guy who goes to my gym and does hand stand push up. I think everyone at the gym turn around to look at him.


  12. Insanity Work Out on said:

    The best motivation is somebody else with a like goal that wants to accomplish what you want as well. When you feel down and out and not really into it, this person might pull you along. When you can’t get that last rep out, they are there to give you a spot. It’s so much easier to have a training partner you can trust that motivates you. If they are a little competitive that might not hurt either. You can both use each other’s energy to push yourself. When you are accountable for something, it’s harder to back out.

  13. Workout Without Weights on said:

    The point about the military is so important. Those guys don’t spend hours in the gym doing bicep curls but they’re some of the most fit people in the entire world.

    Some of the exercises on here I especially like because they’re unique , no typical pushups or basic squats, a real fine tuned workout!

    Great post and excellent information!

  14. build muscle without weights on said:

    This is a great workout! Especially for me since I really don’t have much access to weights… So thanks
    build muscle without weights´s last [type] ..Choose the Best Chest Workout Without Weights

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