The Best Workout For Women

by on June 1, 2011

My wife (Tammy) asked me a few months back what was the best workout for women. She has always loved reading celebrity magazines like US Weekly and People that always have the latest celebrity gossip. She likes to look at the pictures of the celebs and see what shape they are in. A tight stomach and toned arms are always something that impresses her.

She’ll say things like “I want to have arms like Jennifer Anniston or Madonna.” She likes to see nice triceps on a woman and asks me what exercises she should do to get the same look. It is funny how easy it is for women to compliment other women. Most guys aren’t as quick to dish out the compliments about other guys.  icon smile The Best Workout For Women

jennifer aniston The Best Workout For Women

[Here's a great example of Jennifer Aniston looking lean and sexy but not too muscular.]

My wife has consistently worked out on the treadmill for well over ten years now, but never had any interest in resistance training. Over the last few years, she has done some Pilates, but never any weight training. When she wanted to know what the best workout for women was, I was really excited. I always wanted to show her how to strength train with weights and the proper form for each exercise.

Best Workout For Women

A few months back, Rusty Moore from came up with Visual Impact For Women. I went through the entire men’s version of Visual Impact last year and am currently on the second go around. As I have stated in numerous posts, I am a big fan of Visual Impact as well as anything that Rusty puts out. When my wife asked what was the the best workout for women, I immediately thought of Visual Impact For Women.

I got a copy of it and read through it when it first came out. As usual with Rusty’s stuff, I was really impressed and knew that it would work wonders for any woman that followed it. Like most woman, my wife doesn’t want to look like a woman bodybuilder or some freaky looking musclehead in a dress. (Thank you for that, honey!)  icon smile The Best Workout For Women
Visual Impact is the only program that I know of actually teaches woman how to not gain muscle and even how to lose muscle if they are too bulky. A lot of woman that have been athletic their whole life or do a lot of running get a little thick in the legs. This program will show you how to gain muscle in the right places and not gain it or even lose it in other areas. The result is a femine, sexy, and in shape look rather than a bulky or thick look.

[Remember Jim Carrey when he was on "In Living Color?" He was hilarious!]

I went over this program with Tammy and she read through the entire course about a month ago. She has been following along with it and has really loved it so far. I always thought that she looked great, but getting more toned and more athletic looking works for me! I can already see a difference in her body as well as her attitude. She just seems more confident.

I really think that Visual Impact is the best workout for women. As my wife goes through the program, I will keep you guys posted about her progress. If you have been looking for a new way to train and want to look lean and sexy versus a dude in a dress, you should check out the women’s version of Visual Impact. Rusty gives a ton of free information away on his site and explains it way better than I ever could.

Visual Impact For Women

Let me know if you check it out or what you think is the best workout for women with a comment below.

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16 comments on “The Best Workout For Women

  1. Sam- Look Like An Athlete on said:

    I definitely agree with you 100 percent. Visual Impact for Women is definitely the way to go for anyone looking to get that celebrity type body. It isn’t too difficult to get this look but having the right kind of program like Rusty Moore put out makes it very easy to follow.


  2. arren from on said:

    Great post – the women in my gym who follow similar approaches are in the best shape. Look forward to hearing how she does.´s last [type] ..Running Schedule

  3. Alykhan - Fitness Breakout on said:


    I’d recommend VI for Women for any woman who wants to get the “hollywood female” type look. I’ve also been through the men’s course and read through the entire women’s course. Even if you don’t follow the program to the letter, I believe the value lies more in understanding the principles behind how it works and tailoring it to your lifestyle.


  4. evin from KFitness B&W on said:

    Right on the money Kelly — VI for women is definitely the workout of choice for women, at least in my opinion!
    Kevin@Fitness B&W´s last [type] ..Visual Impact Muscle Building Review – Build Lean And Ultra-Defined Muscles Quickly – What’s The Catch

  5. Jeff - Get This Ripped on said:

    Hey Kelly,

    This is a great recommendation. I don’t think that there is any other product helps women get these specific results.
    Jeff – Get This Ripped´s last [type] ..Best Bodyweight Workout Routine

  6. Jason - Fitness Workouts on said:

    I have not gone through Rusty’s program for women but I was wondering what makes it different for women. I train everyone from football players to house wives and use many of the same exercises. I just don’t think women need to be trained differently than guys.
    Jason – Fitness Workouts´s last [type] ..5×5 Muscle Building Workout

  7. Dave - Not Your Average Fitness Tips on said:

    Another great program from Rusty. Really offers a lot of variety and acts as a great guide for any woman. I’m glad to hear your wife is enjoying it. My wife is more of the treadmill and diet type. Once the 2 year old starts sleeping better on a more regular basis, she may get back into resistance training.

  8. Kelly-Fitness Overhaul on said:

    I’m to the point now with Rusty’s stuff that I buy it without even checking it out much beforehand. I’ve always been impressed with his stuff, and so far, he’s over-delivered.

    So far, so good. She is starting to get in the groove of things. It takes a while just to learn the exercises. Remember back when you first picked up a weight? It probably seems like second nature now, but in the beginning, you hurt in areas that you never knew existed!

    That’s the great thing about Visual Impact. Rusty teaches you the concept of training so you can tailor it to fit your needs, rather than blindly following along.

    I’ll keep you posted on my wife’s results. I think it will be nice to have real results to go off of, rather than just theory.

    I like that Visual Impact teaches women how to train to get a specific look. I think training as a whole can be similar regardless of the person, but different people may want to get a different look.

    The exercises are similar whether for men or women, but the rep scheme, rest time, and training to failure (or not) is different. Would you agree that training for size, versus training for strength or endurance, would require a different way to train? The exercises may be similar but there are many variables that can be tweaked.

    I feel your pain Brother! I have three boys, with the youngest being 8. I think we are out of the woods as for sleeping, crying like a bunch of babies, etc. It is hard for both of us to have time to train. This why I train at 5:00 am and she trains at 9:00 pm!

    Our biggest thing now is getting the kids to soccer, tae kwon do, boy scouts, cub scouts, etc. It seems like every night, it is something different that we have to do, all while running our business out of the house. Our business line rings all hours of the day and night and it’s hard to set boundaries as to when we will answer it or not. I know that they say that we will miss this once the kids grow up, but holy cow, it would be nice to have a little break now and then.

    Kelly-Fitness Overhaul´s last [type] ..The Best Workout For Women

  9. Tim - The Lean Look on said:

    The course if a terrific reminder of how a woman should look….. slim, sexy, feminine physique without a lot of muscle. She should look fit without overdoing it. I’m trying to get my wife to start it.



  10. Srdjan-Bloom to Fit on said:

    I always kind of preferred Jessica Alba’s or Jessica Biel’s look over Jennifer Anniston’s. But, there’s no doubt that they all look amazing.

    It’s important for women to understand that they don’t need high-end trainers and complex programs/diets to get that amazing look. A simple (yet very effective) program like VI for women will do the job for a fraction of the price.

    Great post, Kelly.
    Srdjan-Bloom to Fit´s last [type] ..10 Skipping Rope Exercises for a Better Body

  11. Srdjan-Bloom to Fit on said:

    Oh and one more thing…do you have any information on what program these celebrities use? Might be cool to compare VI to some of these and see if there’s any similarities.
    Srdjan-Bloom to Fit´s last [type] ..10 Skipping Rope Exercises for a Better Body

  12. Jordan - The Healthy Teacher on said:

    My wife got some bad advice from personal trainers at our gym about how women should be working out…..Visual Impact is really working for her. She is enjoying the resistence training for the first time in her life! I hope Tammy has the same experience.


    p.s. Jim Carey is (was) the best on the that show!
    Jordan – The Healthy Teacher´s last [type] ..Banana Pancakes Paleo Style

  13. Srdjan-Bloom to Fit on said:

    I just found out yesterday that Jennifer Aniston is Greek!! Who would’ve thought. Greek women have fantastic physiques :)
    Srdjan-Bloom to Fit´s last [type] ..Vibram FiveFingers – A Revolution in Footwear

  14. Fitness Guy - How to put on muscle on said:

    I actually just seen Jennifer Aniston on stage presenting for something on tv the other day and was surprised at how fit she looked. Not that she was ever in bad shape, but it seems like she took it to another level since her days on Friends.

  15. Jason - Fitness Workouts on said:

    @ Kelly

    You are right that training for size and training for strength or endurance do involve different rep schemes. But those factors are the same for men and women. So depending on your goal I am not sure how it is any different for a guy or a gal. As long as your goals are the same your sex shouldn’t make much of a difference.

    That is the way I approach it. But like anything else we do, we each have our own ideas.

  16. This is exactly what I needed. I want a workout that would just keep me slim and sexy not muscular. I gotta check on the visual impact! Thanks for the heads up!
    Amy´s last [type] ..5% deposit mortgages difficult to find

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