The Best Muscle Building Supplement- Creatine Wins!

by on August 9, 2010

I am often asked what is the best muscle building supplement out there, or do supplements really work? My initial response is that most of them are a complete waste of time and don’t bother wasting your money. If I am being honest though, I do belief that there is one worth giving a try, which I will talk about later in this post. With the strong marketing messages in magazines, on the internet, and even the packaging on the products themselves, it is hard to resist trying the latest gimmick even for me.

I was waiting to get a haircut last month and had a few minutes to kill so I went in to the local supplement store. I was amazed at the amount of products that are out there and some of the claims that are being made. If I didn’t already know better, I think I would of spent a couple hundred dollars so I could easily gain ten pounds of muscle within a few weeks while losing fat at the same time! It didn’t help that the guy behind the counter was amazingly huge, (chemically enhanced I’m sure), and came strutting over to teach me all I needed to know about the best muscle building supplements to buy. iStock 000011826621XSmall The Best Muscle Building Supplement  Creatine Wins![Buying most of the new muscle building supplements is the equivalent to flushing your money down the toilet! You should save your money unless you really know that it works, which in most cases, it doesn't. Trust me, I spent way too much money through the years only to piss it away, literally!]

I was educated for the next ten minutes about all of the new must have supplements that if I don’t start taking immediately, I will be wasting my time in the gym at every rep of every workout.

So I listened to his sales pitch which went something like this:
(In a raspy, tough guy voice)

“Hey little man, if you want to be big like me, you need to take these three bottles of pills every day for the rest of your life. You obviously don’t know anything about lifting weights because you still fit in to jeans and dress pants and your head and jaw aren’t the size of a bowling ball! You need to man up punk and go heavy or go home! On your way home though, stop back here so you can buy some more crap that won’t work! Don’t worry about the best muscle building supplement, just buy them all!”

He probably didn’t say those words exactly, but that’s what I heard anyway. I told him that I was just looking to buy some creatine and that I think that most of this other stuff is a waste of money. He didn’t really like that, though. I could tell because his big head was getting redder by the second and I swear I could see his jaw growing bigger with cheetah-like quickness.

I wanted to tell him that I have been lifting weights for longer than he has been alive and I just choose to be drug free, instead of taking the “really good protein”! I was going to tell him that I have my own fitness blog, so I must know what I am doing, right? icon wink The Best Muscle Building Supplement  Creatine Wins!

Instead I just said that I had to get my hair did at the salon next door and I would have to wait until another time to get as big as he is. I said I would see him around at the gym and maybe we can work out together. I don’t think he heard me though, because he never replied. I did hear him mumble something about skinny, little, wimp, though.

In all seriousness, please don’t fall for these shiny objects. If they really worked enough to make them worth spending your hard earned money, it would spread across the internet like wildfire. You wouldn’t have to try and find out what worked and what didn’t. You would already know. Imagine how hard these companies would market something that actually worked, it would be relentless!

[Here is a tribute to one of my favorite old school bodybuilders, Frank Zane. This guy was amazing and I think had a way better physique than Arnold or some of the other bulkier guys. He is well in to his 60's and still looks amazing! He was the master of the stomach vacuum and had a waist as small as a wasp!]

The Best Muscle Building Supplement

That being said, if you are looking for the best muscle building supplement and something that has been proven to help build muscle and increase strength, you should try creatine monohydrate. It is the one supplement that I have tried that has really worked. I always feel stronger when taking creatine and can honestly recommend it as the best muscle building supplement that I know of. Of course, it is not going to grow your body to cartoon-like proportions like illegal steroids or growth hormone, but this isn’t the look that I am after anyways.

If you decide to try creatine, you should know that all of this talk about loading and taking it with the right amount of carbohydrates isn’t necessary. Brad Pilon, (who is a scientist that worked for years creating supplements, as well as the creator of Eat-Stop-Eat and Anabolic Again) stated in an interview that he doesn’t see any long term benefit to either. I put way more stock in to what Brad has to say than the local roid head trying to sell me something. Let me know of your experiences with creatine and if it has worked for you. I have met some people that did not see any results from creatine, so it may or may not work for you either. Personally, I think it helps, but let me know of your experiences with it and what you think the best muscle building supplement is.

Best Muscle Building Supplement Prices

Creatine The Best Muscle Building Supplement  Creatine Wins!

newsignature The Best Muscle Building Supplement  Creatine Wins!

32 comments on “The Best Muscle Building Supplement- Creatine Wins!

  1. Raymond-ZenMyFitness on said:

    Interesting about creatine. I have been considering taking it for a while and might try it out now to see what happens.
    Raymond-ZenMyFitness´s last [type] ..Crazy Celebrity Diets That Don’t Work

  2. Kelly,

    I too have tried the latest and greatest supplements out there. I think we may have compared notes at one time or another. Currently, the protein I am using has 5g of creatine mixed in with it along with 5g of glutamine which is supposed to help with muscle recovery. Personally, I have not noticed any strength or muscle increase from using it but did notice good muscle recovery. That being said, people should give creatine a try anyway because they may see more positive results than I. I do use a pre-workout supplement in the morning before I come to the gym only to help me get in gear for my workout. In my opinion a good protein, clean diet, multivitamin, and a good workout are the best for losing weight and getting into great shape.


  3. Dave - Fitness Training Tips on said:

    Wow, same topic, almost the same title. Your take on creatine is definitely much more enjoyable than mine, especially since I can visualize the old days of going to GNC and hearing “do you want protein or a multivitamin with that?”
    Dave – Fitness Training Tips´s last [type] ..Creatine Benefits- the Best Muscle Building Supplement

  4. Raymond,
    I would give it a try if I were you. It is pretty cheap compared to years ago and most people seem to see results from it. Let me know how it works.

    I think that like everything else, creatine has been hyped up so much that people expect too much from it. It works but it isn’t a miracle worker. You still have to train hard and eat good. I think if you train hard, eat right, and take creatine, you should see pretty good results for a natural athlete.

    Yeah, I guess it’s better than at Mcdonalds. . . Do you want fries with that? I think this just means that great minds think alike! I’m glad that we all have different approaches to getting the information out there. I’m pretty much a big goofball, so I like to have a little fun with my posts. Some people may not take me as serious though, but I would rather be myself, it’s easier that way.


  5. Alykhan - Fitness Breakout on said:


    I read Dave’s creatine post yesterday. I just started taking it a couple of weeks ago, so I’ll let you know how it goes. It’s funny how the big bodybuilder dudes who work in supplement stores love to promote the meathead look. No thanks!

    Alykhan – Fitness Breakout´s last [type] ..Tiger Woods Workout Routine and Diet

  6. I’ve been an off and on again creatine user for sometime now. So in other words have seen the pros and cons of being off and on of the supplement. In short, its worth every penny for recovery, strength, and lean size gains. Definetly recommended for any type of fitness training out there.
    Good post.


  7. Alykhan,
    Yeah, me and Dave are on the same page these days. The funny thing about GNC or some of the other stores like this is that the public isn’t as impressed with these guys as they think. The average person would feel more comfortable asking advice from someone that is in shape, but not the size of a WWE wrestler. It seems like they either have steroid heads or older ladies that look like they never trained a day in their life. I think like most places though, they probably have a hard time keeping employees so they just take whatever they can get.

    I agree. For the price it is definitely worth giving it a try. it has really come down in price from years ago, when it first came out. Even if it doesn’t give you the results that you expect, you are going to see some gains from it. I usually get stronger more than anything.

  8. Kevin - Dharma Fitness Path on said:

    I started taking creatine last summer and saw positive results. I’m currently in stage 1 of the VI workout so I’m holding off for a few more months for the last stage. Entertaining post as always.
    Kevin – Dharma Fitness Path´s last [type] ..Tabata Sprints – Weight Loss Interval Training

  9. fitness training programs on said:

    I tried creatine when I was younger and it worked like magic. I am noticing it is not as effective as I have aged but I do agree it is essential if you are trying to build muscle the legal way.
    fitness training programs´s last [type] ..Faulty Food and the Vitamin Scam

  10. Tom-Your Fitness Quest on said:

    I agree that creatine is one of the few supplements that works. I can tell a difference in my strength levels when I am using it. I am amazed at how much junk there is being labeled as supplements. The scary thing is that there is so little regulation that you really have no idea what you are getting.

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  12. Its true, there are so many products on the market now that you could spent literally every penny you earn on the latest and greatest magic bullets. I was lucky enough to have a Q+A with the Team Great Britain nutritionist and he stressed that without getting the basics right then none of those expensive compliment are worth it.
    Ross´s last [type] ..Running Jackets

  13. ack from JNordicTrack on said:

    I think it’s a great idea to make sure that you are getting all the right suppliments. Nutrition in general is key to working out! What are some of the other options beside creatine?

  14. hard money loans los angeles on said:

    That’s great to know though I go to the gym generally to stay healthy and keep my heart rate at a constant rate. It would be great to tone up while I’m at it too.


  15. Jeff - Get This Ripped on said:

    Creatine is definitely the best supplement. It is the only supplement that gave noticeable improvement. It helped me get faster strength gains, however, that plateaus after a few weeks.

    I take creatine when I’m doing strength training and I get off it when I switch up my routine.
    Jeff – Get This Ripped´s last [type] ..Stretch Workout To Get Stronger And Recover Faster

  16. Tim Smithson on said:

    Great post as usual. As far as my supplements go, I take creatine, whey protein, gluteamine, and arginine.

    Creatine for the reason you mentioned above

    Whey protein for the fast absorption into the muscle

    Gluteamine (amino acid) to help build muscle

    Arginine (amino acid) to help relax the blood vessels

    Out of all of these supplements Arginine is the only “unfounded” supplement I take but all indications show that it has the potential to help, and at $4/ mth for a bottle I don’t feel like I’m taking that much of a risk if it doesn’t work.

  17. Alfreed Jiocy on said:

    Yes, I’m taking creatines- regularly. I also get a good result by using creatines-supplements. I think that I don’t waste money. :)

  18. Years ago I used Creatine, and i did notice minimal gains continually for years. One day I told my buddy, spot me on my bench, I want to try and throw up 335 once (I weighed 205 and was working with about 275 at that time). So i put 335 on the bar and started to see if I could do it. I not only benched it once, I was able to get it up 6 times, and my buddy told me it was all me. I have never used steroids and seeing creatine was the only thing I ever noticed that did anything for me, I assumed it was because of this. I am a firm believer in the stuff.

  19. I think certain people get better results than others. I definitely notice that I am stronger when taking creatine and my muscles are fuller, although I haven’t seen the results that you got. That is an incredible amount of strength to gain! Good job!

  20. White Ripped Skinny Jeans on said:

    Well, your comparison of muscle building supplements with flushing toilet is funny yet true. Almost all the supplements in the market nowadays are fake, which results in side effects rather than strengthening and toning the muscles. So, thanks for suggesting the health benefits of creatine monohydrate supplement which I was not aware of previously. I hope that I could be stronger with this supplement and some simple exercises. Ty!

  21. How to gain muscle fast on said:

    Nice! Really nice! I’ve been blog-hopping for almost two hours now and this one is the best read I’ve had thus far. I can’t believe the amount of trash that people are churning out these days. No wonder blogging is said to be dying. Oh well… Anyway, bodybuilding is definitely not for the weak of heart (literally and figuratively). If one is planning on getting into body building and building muscles big and huge, first he/she has got to make sure that he/she has a strong determination to work until the attainment of his/her goal, and that is to get all bulked up and “ripped” (as we use in the bodybuilding parlance). Being aware that building muscles takes months or even years will help a lot as this will eliminate any false presumptions and ridiculous goals.

  22. How to gain muscle fast on said:

    What an enjoyable (and may I say insightful) read! You may not know it, but this post of yours gave me so many realizations. I wonder if it occurs to you and other people, too, but there are times when I get wonderful ideas from things that don’t have anything to do at all with what’s in my mind. On a different note, I read a lot of blogs, it’s what I do before I head off to the gym, and I can’t believe some of the trash that some people are putting out, like a magic bullet for this, and a so-called-secret for that. Like in the topic of body-building, I’ve read quite a number of blogs that talk about products that make building muscles almost instantaneous! Imagine, bodybuilding without breaking a sweat?! Come on! At the very least you need to have a workout program which you will actually follow! Now I’m ranting, sorry. I’ll look around your blog some more before heading to another one.

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  32. weight lifting exercise on said:

    Anyone looking for the best muscle building supplement does well to give creatine careful consideration. It is not without reason that creatine is one of the most popular of all supplements for bulking up, because tens of thousands of users have found that it greatly accelerates muscle gains over exercise alone.
    weight lifting exercise´s last [type] ..Deadly Bodybuilding Myths You Don’t Know Part 2

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