Lose Weight And Build Muscle-Just Take This Pill!

by on February 18, 2010

iStock 000008028537XSmall Lose Weight And Build Muscle Just Take This Pill!Is it just me, or is the something for nothing mentality out there getting a little bit too much lately? We all want to achieve our goals with as little work as possible and the supplement companies use that against us. It seems like everyday, there is a new weight loss and muscle building miracle on the market. Have you read any of the muscle mags lately? Apparently all we have to do is pop a few pills and before you know it, we will look like the Hulk or Jillian Michaels. According to most of these ads, we really don’t have to do any work and we can eat whatever we want.

Awesome. If we can only get enough of these pills, we can cure the obesity problem in America. In some cases, we can even lose weight while we sleep! Even better, we can concentrate on eating as much junk food as we want while we’re awake and then go to sleep. Once we wake up, we will look like a fitness model! Thanks, supplement companies, you rock!

Ok, sorry for the sarcasm. If you have bought in to any of this nonsense in the past, you already know that none of it works. If you haven’t, but are tempted, please save your money.

Guys, the only real way to lose weight and gain muscle is to get to work. Quit looking for the quick fix, it doesn’t exist. Spend some time reading and learning a little about the proper way to train and how to eat correctly and then actually do what you have learned. If someone tries to sell you some quick fix, sounds too good to be true diet in a bottle, run the other way. In fact that would be the only way that these scams would help you to lose weight, by running away from the lies. You would at least burn some calories while running away!

Remember, calories in versus calories out is the key to losing weight. Less calories in than what your body uses each day will equal weight loss. More, will equal weight gain. There’s no pill that is going to take the place of good, hard work and a proper diet. Have you ever known someone that seems to be on a diet all of the time? It’s usually a new fad diet every month and they almost never really lose any long term weight. The reason is because these types of diets try and cheat the system. You can’t consistently cheat the system, so don’t bother trying to.

Give your self a fighting chance and just do the only proven thing that has ever worked. Consistent, hard work while eating less and exercising more. Try it and you will be amazed at the results. The next time you are tempted to pull out your credit card and waste $39.99 for that miracle that deep down you know won’t work, just remember that I warned you. If you need help learning to lose weight, leave a comment and let me know. I’ll help you and believe me, I won’t try and sell you a quick fix in a bottle.

 Lose Weight And Build Muscle Just Take This Pill!
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