Intermittent Fasting Case Study

by on January 22, 2012

Intermittent fasting is the one thing since I started this blog that never lets me down. It never fails and it never quits working for me. I started intermittent fasting in January of 2010 and made a case study that documents how it worked for me. If you haven’t got a copy of it yet, go ahead and check it out here.

Intermittent Fasting Case Study

The short version is that I lost 35 lbs. and got down to 166lbs. (Actually lost too much weight!) Read through it and you can see some pictures of me as well and the results that I got.

case study cover 2 300x270 Intermittent Fasting Case Study

Intermittent Fasting = Success

Over the last year or more, I’ve received more emails about intermittent fasting than any other topic. I get questions daily, as well as stories from people that have either tried fasting or want to try it. People really appreciated my case study and, as is human nature, love the before and after pictures.

I got an email from someone the other day saying that they would love to see what I look like now, over a year later. [Keep reading and I will deliver.]

[This show is pretty hilarious! Kenny Powers. I play real sports, I'm not trying to be the best at exercising!]

I’ve been told that people like to read my blog because they can see that I am genuine. I am not afraid to open up my world a little bit and show how things really are with me. It’s a little easier to see that someone is “real” when they have pictures to prove it.

I think the fact that I am 43, in decent but attainable shape, helps people believe that they can also achieve what I have. If I had 3% body fat and 20″ arms with a year long tan, it might be a little intimidating for the average 30 lb. overweight man or women to believe that they can do it as well. I’m a regular guy with a wife and three kid. I go to work everyday and as you can surely see, my pictures aren’t retouched or altered. There is no “Situation” when you look at my abs!

So why am I telling this?

Well, because I am going to lose a little weight and I want you to follow along with me. I am going to use intermittent fasting to do it. I am going to make a new case study, but instead of doing it after the fact, I am going to do it in real time with posts instead of a report. This way, you can follow along with me day by day or at least week by week. You can see how I am doing, what I am weighing, and more importantly, what I am looking like.

IMG 0135 300x224 Intermittent Fasting Case Study

[I am currently 181.2 lbs. If you read my intermittent fasting case study, you can see I am heavier around the waist, then when I was 166 lbs.]

I haven’t used intermittent fasting in over three or four months. I haven’t used it regularly since the case study. Not because I don’t believe in it anymore, but because I haven’t needed to do it. Remember, I only use intermittent fasting as a weight loss tool, I don’t do it because it’s fun. icon wink Intermittent Fasting Case Study

I have been happy with my weight and didn’t see the need to fast. . . until now.

After the holidays and limited running because of my injury timeout, I put on a few pounds more than I would like. So what do I do now?

Intermittent fasting to the rescue!

I will fast two days a week and get down to around 170 lbs give or take. Anything less than 170 and I usually look too thin in the face. I will fast the way that I learned from Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat book, just like before.

I am not going to get in to how I am exercising now, but here’s the short version. I am running three days a week (around 15 miles a week) and doing push ups, pull ups, and planks three days a week. This is how I have been training for around a month, so this won’t change while I am fasting.

I am not doing any long weight lifting workouts for now, just body weight stuff. As I continue to rehab from my injury, I will increase my mileage as I get ready for the Pittsburgh half marathon in May of this year. I have a little over 100 days to train for this.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions as to how I can set this up to help more people, please leave a comment. I will update this blog every few days or at the end of the week at the longest. If you wish to do it with me, send me an email and we can figure out a way to make that work as well. I think some case studies like this from other regular people would be helpful to everyone.

Don’t be shy! As you can see from my picture, I can stand to lose some weight. I guess looking on the bright side, this should be the worst that I look!

Intermittent fasting works for me and intermittent fasting will work for you.



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16 comments on “Intermittent Fasting Case Study

  1. Shaunya Ishmael on said:

    I am in! I have a half marathon at the end of April and I teach a bootcamp class so I am also into body weight exercises. I do my intermittent fasting by fasting anywhere from 14-16 hours daily. That worked for me in the past and helped me get down to 185 from 212. Since I am female, I still have a long way to go so I am happy to do this with you!

  2. Shaunya,
    Awesome! I am fasting today for the first time in months. I usually fast around 20-22 hours, twice a week. This week, it will probably be Monday and Friday. During the week, I will eat pretty relaxed, although I am watching my carbs and sugars.

    Let me know if you have any questions and don’t be afraid to put up your numbers or goals. What is your target now? I hope that this gets pretty interactive with everyone so more people can experience the benefits of intermittent fasting!

  3. Hey Kel !!

    As I told you the other day, I started back on the IF lifestyle after the new year. My goal at this point is to try and drop 30-40 lb for the beach in August. I am watching what I eat between fasting days (normally fish and veggies) and letting myself eat the “comfort stuff” on the weekends. As I see you through the next few months, I will keep you updated. Thanks again for introducing me to intermittent fasting.

  4. I did IF starting back in Mar 2011 and I ended up dropping 40 lbs, combined with better eating and weight training/running. Recently just completed my 1st half marathon (Charleston, SC – 1:49). I don’t use IF every week anymore as I am at my target weight but will throw one in every now and then when I feel I have gained a pound or two.
    On a separate note – what training plan are you using for the 1/2 marathon. I plan on doing another but am looking for a plan to follow to better my time.

  5. Shaunya on said:


    I would really like to drop another 10 pounds before my next race. I dropped fifteen before my last race in November and was able to take 17 minutes off my race time. My end goal is to drop another 20 to 25 pounds, hopefully by the end of the year.

  6. Hey Kelly,
    You case study and pictures are really amazing and encouraging! I am going to be jumping on the IF bandwagon… As i know personally it works. I read ESE and did quite a bit of research online about IF’ing and did it over the summer for a few weeks. In few weeks (maybe 8) I lost 1.5 stones. However birthdays, christmas, and stresses has meant i have gained it back.

    But I am committed to now not relaxing too much and getting down from 199 to 136 this year.

    Starting weight is 199 (Mon 23 Jan 2012)
    I aim to IF 3 times a week. The days may change according to my schedule but for this week its Tues, Wed, Thurs. (between 22-24 hours each)
    I am aiming to build up to eating like the Primal Blueprint (Sun -Thurs) and relaxing and eating what i almost want on (Fri-Sat)

    Glad others are doing it as well!

    My target weight is to be between 147-140 for my cruise in May!
    I may even get a blog going!

    All the best to every IF-er this week


  7. Dirt,
    I can help you lose the 30 or 40 lbs for sure. I will talk to you more about it on Wednesday night. The biggest key to intermittent fasting is to know that the reason it works is because it reduces your total caloric intake. Period. If you eat more than usual in between fasts, you will defeat the purpose. Eat the comfort foods on the weekend, but don’t go overboard and you will consistently lose.

  8. Joe,
    Congratulations on losing 40 lbs! That is awesome. You seem to use intermittent fasting the same way I do now, just to maintain my target weight. 1:49 for your first half marathon is great!!! I am hoping to get around that time, about an 8:30 per mile pace would be great. In reality, anything under 2:00 with no injuries would make me happy. After my hip injury, I am still a little hesitant to push too hard.

    I am not really doing a set training program for this half because I am still just increasing my mileage 1/2 mile per week. I am at 6 miles this week for my longest run and I will be at 6-1/2 next week. At this point, I just want to get a few ten to twelve mile runs in before the race. I’m not able to go through this training like I would like. I have a training partner than runs marathons and 50K’s helping me out.

    Keep us posted on how everything is going. I will post my time after I run the race in May. I am doing a few smaller ones in the coming months as well.

  9. Shaunya,
    17 minutes off of your race time is amazing!!! Keep it up and please keep us all posted hear. You know that losing another ten pounds is achievable. I am looking forward to hearing about your future successes. Where is your half marathon in April?

  10. Elisca,
    Thank you. I am glad you liked my case study. If you fast two or three times a week and reduce your carbs by eating Primal, you will make incredible gains.

    Please just don’t push too hard. Fasting three days in a row is hard and you are a beast to even attempt it! I had better luck with Monday or Tuesday and Friday. That’s the great thing about intermittent fasting though, you can design it however you want. If that seems a little tough though, don’t get discouraged. Just back off a little and you will still do great.
    Let me know if you start a blog. I will check it out for sure and may be able to help out a little as well. A guest post or two may help to get some interest going. Where are you going on your cruise?


  11. Shaunya on said:

    I am doing the Nashville Country Music Marathon. This is my second Rock ‘N Roll Marathon, first one in Nashville. The other one was in Savannah, GA. I have also done one in Bermuda and I did the Georgia half last year. I run around five miles on the weekends any way but for my training I am doing 2 weekend (Saturday) runs at 5 miles, 2 at 7, etc. until I get to 10 and then I am going up on mile a week until I get to 14. My last run will be about 7 the week before. I do two runs during the week at around 3 or 4 miles. That worked pretty good for me the last time so hopefully it will again!

  12. Nice to see you posting again Kelly! I look forward to seeing how this goes. It’s always nice to see people willing to put themselves out there. (And yeah, Eastbound and Down is awesome!)
    Darrin´s last [type] ..The Rules Have Changed

  13. Kelly,
    You’ve inspired my wife and I. I’ve done long fasts (40 days) in the past to loose weight but it’s just too difficult. Plus I miss out on a lot of social events during those times just because I don’t want to be tempted with good food. We are going to fast Mondays and Thursdays and also watch our portions while eating healthier. Thanks for the emails and encouragement.

  14. Darrin,
    Yeah. It’s been a challenge to keep the posts going with everything else in life! I figure this will force me to get more involved. Kenny Powers is hilarious.

  15. Josh,
    40 Days!!! You are a beast! You will do great. I look forward to hearing your results. Keep us all posted. Try cutting your carbs in between fasts, more of a paleo or primal (Mark Sisson) style and you will do even better.

  16. Dave - Not Your Average Fitness Tips on said:

    Glad to see you’re back at it! The first case study produced some great results and I’m sure you’ll be successful this time around. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.
    Dave – Not Your Average Fitness Tips´s last [type] ..Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss: Is BMI or Body Fat Percentage More Important?

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