Improve Your Fitness at Home: No Gym Required

by on October 24, 2010

Is it really possible to improve your fitness at home? This is the question that I was asked the other day. This guy said that he thought that without going to a gym and lifting weights, that he would just be wasting his time. I totally disagree with that and told him that he was a stupid dick.

Okay, I’m just kidding. I didn’t call him a dick. I was just seeing if you were paying attention!

I did tell him that I thought that not only is it possible to improve your fitness at home, but that if you are pressed for time, it may be your best bet. I have done more body weight training this year than I have ever done. If you would of talked to me last year about training at home or just doing body weight exercises, I would of thought that this type of training is inferior to weights. Until I trained this way and actually saw the results with my own body, I would of never believed it.

iStock 000010449462XSmall Improve Your Fitness at Home: No Gym Required

[One of the most important parts of the body that women want to improve on is, their butts. Of course losing fat is key, but so is toning the muscle that they have. Body weight and kettlebell training with squats and lunges will work wonders on your behind. So for all of the ladies that are afraid of doing resistance training for fear of getting too bulky, stop worrying and start doing resistance training. Your ass will love you for it!]

I have never felt better about my health, fitness, strength, and look than I do know. I did a few months of body weight training earlier in the year, then did the “Visual Impact Muscle Building” program for six months, and this last month body weight training again. Visual impact is by far the best weight training program that I have done when it comes to actually lifting weights and doing cardio. If you get a chance, you should check it out.

Visual Impact Muscle Building

That being said, if you are looking for a change or do not have access to a gym, I highly suggest trying some body weight exercises. If you are limited to working on your fitness at home, you can get a great workout with little to no equipment. I actually made up my own workout that does a lot of body weight exercises, as well as some basic movements with a barbell or kettlebells. Kind of a hybrid system, involving anything and everything that I have done in the past and got results from.

As you train, I encourage you to keep track of what you are doing and the results that you are getting. Getting to know your body and how it responds is more valuable than anything else that you can do. As much as I like to buy new muscle building courses and try them out on myself, I still haven’t found one that is perfect for me. So I just made up my own way and so should you. You should take all of the information that you read and test it out, but don’t accept what is taught as the only way to train. Like me, you will most likely find some stuff that works and some that is isn’t worth a shit. Everybody is different and you need to see what works for you.

[Here's a quick video about different peoples reason for training with kettlebells and how much they love training with them.]

In fact if you ever have some one tell you that their way is the only way, run the other way! The people that like to preach about what you should be doing are usually the most clueless. If you read every post that I ever wrote, you will find some stuff that resonates with you and some that doesn’t. I don’t even follow everything that I say 100%. Some stuff works for awhile and then it goes stale and I have to change it up.

If you take the time to learn your body, you will save years and years of frustration and make better gains than if you blindly follow the herd. I actually train totally different than the herd and get better results and have better workouts than most.

There are literally tons of different ways to train to improve your fitness at home. As I wrote about in an earlier post, I am making part of my basement in to an exercise room for my wife and I.

Fitness at Home Set-up

I do not plan on buying a ton of weights and squat racks, benches, etc. I will most likely limit my equipment to a pull up bar, rope for suspension training, kettlebells, bull rope for rope battling, a BOSU, maybe a medicine ball, and stability ball. The kettlebells are the most expensive, but even with them, you can get all of the equipment that you need for relatively cheap.

CBTTKettlebell EbookLarge Improve Your Fitness at Home: No Gym Required

[Kettlebells really are starting a revolution! I never understood all of the hype until I tried them myself. If you never worked with them, please don't form an opinion on them until you do. I think they are excellent for building strength and for fat loss too.]

If you never trained with kettlebells, you really have to try them out. Kettlebells bring their own kind of evil to the table! I love them and can’t believe I never trained with them before now. I am going to dedicate a whole post on kettlebells in the future. For now, just know that they will kick your ass sideways if you do them right!They should definitely be part of your fitness at home arsenal.  Check this site out here for more information.

Kettlebell training

So if you are busy and don’t have time to waste driving to a gym, don’t worry, just get busy with what you have. You can easily improve your fitness at home with body weight training and a few cheap pieces of equipment. In fact, I bet once you give this way an honest try, you may never go back to a gym again. I actually love going to the gym and go in the morning (5:30 AM icon smile Improve Your Fitness at Home: No Gym Required ), so time isn’t a factor. The funny thing is that I actually use very little of the equipment at the gym and can do most of the stuff that I do at home if I wanted to. I just like the atmosphere and seem to be more motivated at the gym versus alone in my basement.

If you are wondering about cardio and losing fat, trust me if you do some kettlebell or bull rope work, you are going to burn an incredible amount of calories and your lungs are going to be burning like you ran ten miles! So improving your health and getting in shape is easier than ever.

Just get started. No excuses. Work to improve your fitness at home or go to the gym, but just get going!

 Improve Your Fitness at Home: No Gym Required
newsignature Improve Your Fitness at Home: No Gym Required

19 comments on “Improve Your Fitness at Home: No Gym Required

  1. Tom-Your Fitness Quest on said:

    I haven’t worked out with kettlebells very much in the past, but have started to more recently. I’ve gotten some butt kicking workouts from them and really enjoy the variety. I also agree that a person can get just as good a workout from home, but sometimes I like the gym atmosphere more since I know why I’m there and can’t get distracted and interrupted like I can at home. Then again, there are also many drawbacks to the gym atmosphere.

  2. Kelly,

    You are so right. I have tried doing some kettlebell training and it will kick your ass! It is a great system for adding a cardio workout with your strength training. They can also be used as a substitute in a current workout too. If you find that Kettlebells are either too expensive or don’t have access to them I found dumbbells will work in their absence and you will still get a great and exhausting work out.
    Years ago I used to try and workout at home but for me I found it to be a distraction. I am more concentrated and less distracted in the gym and I can get my work done faster. The other benefit is if my form is screwed up on a certain exercise I just come and ask you to critique.


  3. David - Get Fit Get Lean on said:


    I use kettlebells a lot during CrossFit workouts. They are different and will surprise you the first time you try them out.

    Working out at home definitely can save you some time. A quick 20 minute body weight workout usually does the trick.


  4. Tom,
    I agree with going to a gym for the atmosphere. I really like it more than training by myself at home. Although there are times when I actually like to do it at home better. I kind of change things up and do a little of both. Sometimes I would rather not have to deal with some of the assclowns at the gym and can get more sleep when I don’t have to drive to workout. My gym is around 30 minutes away.

    I never try and tell someone how to lift or if their form is off unless they ask. I appreciate that you do ask me though, it makes me feel good to know that you trust my opinion. Also, if I can prevent someone from getting injured, I would like to do it. There are many people at our gym that could use someone to show them the proper technique on a few lifts!

    I have been so busy with the kids, my own workouts, and this blog! I hope to get to Jenn’s Crossfit gym soon. I may try to go on a Sunday coming up. I will write a post about it once I do check it out. How long did it take for you to get certified as a Crossfit trainer?


  5. ryan from Bcore exercises for women on said:

    Hi Kelly,

    Love the post. I was going to this gym for awhile and started to get really self conscious, mainly because I wanted the Hollywood look and not the bulky ripped look. The problem with the gym that I was going to was, it was geared to the people who really wanted to bulk up.

    Now I haven’t tried kettle balls, but I know for a fact that you can have some amazing workouts right from the comfort of your own home.

    So for those of you who don’t want to hit the gym, defiantly try working out at home.

    On another note, what kind of word press plug in do you use for the “related posts feed”?

    Bryan C
    Bryan@core exercises for women´s last [type] ..By- Core Exercises For Women « Turbo Fitness Secretss Blog

  6. Kelly,

    I couldn’t agree more. I haven’t trained in a gym for about 8 years now, I do all my training at home in my shed! I have very basic equipment, set of dumbbells, a few bars, a bench, a stability ball, resistance bands and a pull up/ dip station. I also do a lot of body weight work, plyometrics in particular, and like you I have never been in better shape!

    I think doing any kind of physical activity, regardless of the setting is beneficial. You can get a crazy intense workout using just your own body weight, anywhere, and amazing results.

    I’ve tried kettlebells but don’t own any. I might just invest in one though, I like the multifunctional aspect.
    David´s last [type] ..Healthy Lunch Recipe

  7. Alykhan - Fitness Breakout on said:


    I’ve been meaning to incorporate kettlebells into my routine for a while now. I do agree with you that bodyweight training is just as effective as weight training. I like to do at least one bodyweight routine each week.


  8. FitXcel on said:

    I find that people like to use any excuse they can find to not workout. There’s a wealth of information available on fitness you can do at home, starting with great blogs like yours.

    FitXcel´s last [type] ..The Importance of Workout Nutrition

  9. Dave - Not Your Average Fitness Tips on said:

    Fitness at home is an important part of my workout routine for sure. With a young one at home, I don’t want to waste any time driving to the gym. Plus, no distractions from gym rats. Bodyweight training has been a valuable part of my routine and at some point, I’m going to try kettlebells. Right now just trying to make it through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years without packing on the pounds!

  10. Bryan,
    I am pretty new to kettlebells but from what I have done so far, I really love them! I am in the middle of reading Pavel’s “Enter The Kettlebell” and it really gets you gung ho on them. I will keep you guys posted on how it is going.
    That plug in is Microkids related post. Here is the link,

    Where do you live? You are pretty hardcore if you are training in a shed! I live in Pittsburgh and if I trained in my shed, I think I would freeze to death or my tongue would get stuck to the kettlebell like that kid on the movie “Christmas Story!” Why would I be licking the kettlebell you ask? It’s an advanced move that I am working on! :-)

    I am liking kettlebells more and more every time I work with them. You should give them a try and see what you think. It took me a while to buy in to all of the hype, but I think I am jumping on board with both feet!

    Yeah, if you have read much of my posts lately, you can see that I feel the same way. It’s easier for people to make excuses about why they can’t achieve their goal rather than just getting busy with whatever they can.

    Never fear packing on the pounds, that’s what intermittent fasting is for. Enjoy your time with your family during the holidays and fast in between! This will be the easiest year of all to stay in shape and stay lean.

    I am going to chart my progress and opinions about kettlebells as I work with them more. My first impressions have been that I really like them and can see that they can do wonders for your overall conditioning.


  11. Bryan - Workouts Without Weights on said:

    As you point out in this post, a person really doesn’t have to have a lot of equipment in order to get a good workout. I wrote about a bodyweight workoutthat I am experimenting with that gives an excellent workout in about 12-15 of time 3 days a week. There are a lot of routines like this that can get anyone started or add variety to something that they are already doing.
    Good post.
    Bryan – Workouts Without Weights´s last [type] ..Exercise Ball Exercises – Which Ones Hit The “Core” Hardest

  12. im from thealth and fitness on said:

    That was straight forward. I am a fan of doing thing cheap and this post just simplified that. People do not need expensive equipment before they can do simple workouts. Once again, that was an excellent post. thanks

  13. Raymond-ZenMyFitness on said:

    Spot on I agree run the other way as soon as someone starts saying this is the only method that works…. everything has its place and are tools to be used when needed even Zumba (OK maybe not Zumba)… especially as your training age goes higher you need to switch things around more frequently … I haven’t tried kettlebells yet but I’m looking forward to it one day when I need to change my routine.
    Raymond-ZenMyFitness´s last [type] ..The Best Fitness Source For Getting the Body You Want

  14. Alejandro "The Fittest Vegan" on said:

    I have a hard time working out from home. unless I’m outside in my back yard then I’m ok with it, but during winter, I’ve tried and always get distracted. but I’d like to find the habit and I think you’re right in the sense that its only a matter of doing it!
    Alejandro “The Fittest Vegan”´s last [type] ..How to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays!

  15. im from KGetting In Shape on said:

    Well I know for a fact at home exercise can get you in shape. Cardio is the best exercises to do it keeps your blood pumping and you can burn some calories to. While at the gym you just building muscle and the equipment there is sit down stuff so you really not burning anything. I like cardio.
    Kim@ Getting In Shape´s last [type] ..Getting In Shape

  16. arry Edwards from GJogger Stroller on said:

    Now everyone is looking for an inexpensive way to work out with out gym membership. I actually tried doing some kettlebell training and it’s intense.

  17. Srdjan P - Bloom to Fit on said:

    Great post! I agree that you can have a very effective workout at home. The majority of my workouts are done at home. I built myself a pull-up bar, purchased some pushup stands and a couple of kettlebells. With these tools I can put together a workout to target any muscle group. Kettlebells also give me the greatest cardiovascular workout known to man.
    Srdjan P – Bloom to Fit´s last [type] ..3 Power Foods You Probably Don’t Know About

  18. Greensboro Gyms on said:

    I always do cardio when doing home exercises. And I also got the chance to workout effectively without any distraction but it depends as there are people prefer to workout in fitness gyms.
    Greensboro Gyms´s last [type] ..Exciting Group Exercises

  19. evin from KFitness B&W on said:

    This is some pretty motivating stuff! Honestly, I’ve yet to do a full on “kettleball workout” but I definitely think I’m going to give ‘em a shot!
    Kevin@Fitness B&W´s last [type] ..Ultimate Pushup Workout Routine For Upper Body Mass &amp Definition – Cuz Regular Pushups Are Just Too Easy!

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