Fast Ways to Lose Weight: Warning, This May Piss You Off!

by on September 6, 2010

Everybody is looking for fast ways to lose weight, but almost everyone out there fails. How often do you hear of someone trying a new diet or starting a new exercise routine? Almost daily, right? The sad part about this is that the only thing fast about most peoples efforts is how fast they fail. The average person doesn’t stick to their diet plan for long and will most likely see little results.

Why is it so hard to lose weight and get in shape for so many people? Why do people spend so much time, money, and effort looking for fast ways to lose weight only to look the same month after month?

The answer to these questions is simple, and if you follow what I am going to discuss in this post, you will soon see that I am right. More important though, is that you will soon start to see the results that so many seek, but very little actually achieve.

iStock 000011537782XSmall Fast Ways to Lose Weight: Warning, This May Piss You Off![Martial artists are some of the most dedicated and focused people in the world. They are the epitome of you get out of your workouts what you put in to them!]

I recently read a quote from one of the greatest martial artists of all time, Bruce Lee. When asked what makes a powerful fighter, he said:

“The Most powerful fighter is an ordinary man with laser precision focus.”

If you really think about what this quote means and what he is really saying, you will see the secret to success in so many things in life. In fact, these twelve words hold the key to success or failure in almost everything that you do! You can change the word “powerful” to “successful” and the word “fighter” to whatever you want to be and it will still ring true.

“The most successful: weightlifter, dieter, marathon runner, mother, father, entrepreneur, doctor, sales rep, etc. is an ordinary man or woman with laser precision focus.”

So instead of looking for fast ways to lose weight, you need to find a complete system that will turn in to a lifestyle change that you do consistently, rather than a diet or short term workout routine. If you start a routine and stick with it, you will see results and start to move towards your fitness goals.

There are three simple steps to getting the body that you desire:

1) Diet- If you haven’t tried intermittent fasting, you need to check this out here.
2) Exercise routine- I have had great success this year with the Visual Impact Muscle Building Routine.
3) Correct mindset and goals- You need to have set goals in mind of what you want to accomplish.

All three are equally important and you need to do all three on a consistent, laser focused way, to see great results. This goes back to what Bruce Lee says in his quote, “an ordinary man with laser precision focus.” If you stay focused and consistent, you will see results, if you don’t stay focused then you will fail. If you look at anyone that is in great shape, you will see someone that is focused and consistent. They’re not better than you, they’re not special, they’re focused. They’re not looking for fast ways to lose weight, they’re too busy working hard, which in turn causes them to lose weight fast!

Fast ways to lose weight aren’t really fast if you don’t stick with them. The best advice that I can give you about getting healthier and achieving the look that you are after, is to stay focused. The people that are in great shape and have six pack abs or a lean muscular body, are not much different than people that are overweight. They are ordinary people that have consistently taken action and made the decision to not quit. The funny thing about your body is that you can’t cheat it. (Steroids don’t count on this blog, I only talk about natural athletes!) You will always have to put the work in to get the results. The millions of people that start a new fad diet each year, hoping to cheat the system, only to shortly quit with no visible results are proof of this.

If you have had trouble in the past with losing weight or building muscle, you really only need to make one change to see the results that you are seeking. That small change is: don’t quit. . . never quit. If you feel like sleeping in on Monday morning instead of going to the gym, get out of bed! If you need to eat less calories each day, then eat less calories!

If this sounds like common sense or you are looking for an easier way, like a magic pill or a way to lose 30 pounds in two weeks, I’m sorry. I don’t write about bullshit diets that don’t work or silly magic pills that do nothing but make you poorer. If you want results, you need to put in the work, period. It all comes down to desire, if you really want to lose weight, you will do the things needed to lose weight. If you don’t really want it, you won’t. You will say that you want to lose weight, and you will blame everything but yourself, but in the end you only have yourself to blame. But you also have yourself to rely on to achieve whatever you want in life. Believe in yourself, you have the ability to do it!

[This is one of the most inspirational guys that I have ever watched. On the days that you want to give up, you need to watch this video and look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are really ready to quit, ready to let life have its way with you.]

I know I may not be making any friends with this post, but at least I’m telling you the truth. If it sounds harsh, it’s only because I hate to see people selling themselves short. There isn’t one person reading this post that can’t make significant progress with their bodies if they just quit looking for the easy way out and do the work that is needed. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in life once you take responsibility for where you are at and make the changes needed. You are an incredible machine and have every right to look the way that you want to and be as healthy as you want to. It’s right there for the taking, if you really want it.

If you want to hear that weight loss is easy, keep reading all of the latest celebrity diets, or the latest fad diets that never work. (Here is a great post from my friend Raymond at about another crazy celebrity diet that proved to be useless.)

Once you are tired of failing and are ready to make a real change in your life, come back and see me. I will still be here telling you the real truth, ready to kick you in the ass, and get you on track to getting the body that you have always wanted. I will be your biggest fan and help you any way that I can, if you are willing to work for it.

Forget about fast ways to lose weight!

Most people don’t really have a weight problem, they have a focus problem. The one thing that you can be sure of is that if you do focus on your weight loss goals, you will succeed. You will be in the minority of people that take action and go out and get what they want in life. You never hear a successful person complain, they are too busy working. Quit looking for the fast ways to lose weight and just get to work!

newsignature Fast Ways to Lose Weight: Warning, This May Piss You Off!

15 comments on “Fast Ways to Lose Weight: Warning, This May Piss You Off!

  1. Raymond-ZenMyFitness on said:

    Hey Kelly, Powerful article!
    It’s fantastic how you are so passionate about telling people how it is. Need more of it on the web.
    I can hear (or at least read) the frustration in your voice ” why can’t we get it right” but FOCUS is definitely the key.
    Start with that and you can’t go wrong.
    I hope a lot of people read this and also watch the video I don’t normally get too wound up but that guy is pretty inspirational, it makes all my issues seem irrevalent.
    Raymond-ZenMyFitness´s last [type] ..Cabbage Soup Diet- Crazy Celebrity Diet I Had To Try

  2. nna from APath to Fat Loss on said:

    Hi Kelly, I’m a huge fan of Eat Stop Eat and Visual Impact. I have been living the ESE lifestyle for almost 3 years now and I absolutely love it. In terms of muscle building and putting the muscles in all the right spots, Visual Impact is a great program for that. This is the first muscle building program I ever tried and I’m glad I didn’t have to look for another one.

    Anna @ Path to Fat Loss´s last [type] ..Do Food Allergies Prevent Weight Loss

  3. Alykhan - Fitness Breakout on said:


    I couldn’t agree more with your perspective. There really aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to getting lean and fit. It’s all about discipline, hard work, and sacrifice. No matter what techniques you use (diet, training, etc.), you must stick with it long-term because that is the only way to achieve results.

    Alykhan – Fitness Breakout´s last [type] ..Three Tips for Easy Intermittent Fasting

  4. teven from SSlim in 6 on said:

    I really like that you don’t give into those stupid lose weight quick schemes. Those pills are dangerous. I agree with you…Don’t quit.
    Steven@Slim in 6´s last [type] ..Slim in 6 – Tone Your Body in Six Weeks

  5. Dave - Not Your Average Fitness Tips on said:

    This post is spot on. I totally agree that focus is important. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that 95% of successful people had that drive and laser focus to succeed. The other 5% are those random successes like Silly Bands that I don’t understand at all. I’ll join in with recommending Eat Stop Eat and Visual Impact.

  6. Kelly,

    I absolutely agree with this post. At the beginning of the year our gym and other gyms typically have a spike in their membership because of the “New Years Resolutionists”. Like in your article they set themselves up for failure right from the start because they are lazy and find weight loss is a lot of work or they expect to drop 35lbs of fat and gain 15lbs of muscle within the first month without putting forth any effort. Usually, by March our membership normalizes again, but there is that person or two that has Laser Focus and sticks with it and by the end of the year or year after they look significantly better. When I walk into the gym I have focus and a plan for the day. Someone told me while in the gym that I take getting in shape to seriously. I just smiled and said “Yes I do” because my focus was written all over my face. I share your frustration that people need to focus more not just with losing weight and building muscle but with everything else they do.


  7. Agree – and when you get focused things start happening faster.

  8. Raymond,
    I think there is too much of the something for nothing mentality in the world today. People are always looking for the easy way out, instead of just putting the work in. I am all for making things easier, but in life, you usually get out what you put in. I guess if it was easy, everybody would be fitness models! That video is amazing. I am a pretty emotional guy and that really gets me motivated to quit making excuses and just get moving on my goals.

    I think if I had to pick only one way to diet and one way to train, intermittent fasting the eat-stop-eat way and Rusty’s Visual Impact would be my two choices. I am with you on both of them. Fasting has just given me so much freedom to get the look that I am after without having to be so strict all the time. Thanks for stopping by!

    If people would put more effort in to achieving their goal rather than finding ways to cheat the system, they would be so much better off. It actually is pretty simple if you keep focused and don’t wander off of the path trying to find the next big thing.

    I have had my share of dumb mistakes and chasing after the easy way out. I chalk it up to my life experiences. I’m done with that kind of stuff now and ever since I started to focus, I have had incredible results in all areas of my life.

    Brian Tracy, the great success speaker, talks about the 5% rule. He says that 5% of the people in any industry are more successful and make more money than the other 95 % combined. I think this is true even in diet and weight loss. So many people talk about losing weight and getting in shape, although only a small percentage actually put the work in and get the results. There are few people like us that are not afraid to put the work in and do not expect to get something for nothing.

    You are right. It is the same in our gym as it is in every other gym I was ever in. A small percentage of people are focused and the rest are just drifting along bitching to anyone that will listen about what they can’t do. “I just can’t lose weight, I never gain any size, etc.” People like this are just like a virus that spreads the negativity around to anyone that will listen to them. If they would only realize that they hold the key the entire time and that they are not victims.

    They happen faster and then the momentum starts kicking in!


  9. Darrin - Lean, Mean, Virile Machine on said:

    Spot on stuff here. I think so many people are looking for the magic bullet that they will fall for every new trendy “solution” out there over and over again. The key is to find sustainable, long-term solutions that other people have found to be successful, as you have described.
    Darrin – Lean, Mean, Virile Machine´s last [type] ..Plyometrics Exercises- Vertical Jumps

  10. Darrin,
    I guess it is tempting for so many people to try the easy way out. You can’t cheat your body though, good old fashioned work wins every time!

  11. Bryan - Workouts Without Weights on said:

    Really liked this post. Really liked it. Plus, I am huge Bruce Lee fan too! It’s a difficult thing to stay focused in a world where so many things (real and imagined) clamor for our attention.
    Your posts are not only informative. They are also motivating and inspiring.
    Bryan – Workouts Without Weights´s last [type] ..Tom Hardy Bronson Workout

  12. Bryan,
    Thank you! If you think about it, focus may just be more important than any other thing. We all have the ability to lose weight, gain muscle, run a marathon, play guitar, etc. The people that are the best at these things are not always the most talented, but the most focused. If you decide to do something and give it laser focus for one year, three years, five years, whatever, you will do it.

    Most people do not want it bad enough to stay focused, so they give up and blame their lack of results on anything but themselves. They usually say stuff like, “You are so lucky that you are in such good shape.” I’m thinking, Luck?!!!!! Are you kidding me? Get up with me at 3:45 am and come to the gym with me or fast two times a week and you can be lucky too!


  13. Kelly, I had seen that vid, but it doesn’t hurt to view it again… and again. I think people look for fast ways to lose weight because being overweight is so PAINFUL…

    Cheers man,

    Yavor´s last [type] ..Muscle-up Training Tutorial- The Missing Workout Manual for Your First Muscle-up

  14. Yavor,
    Yeah that video really makes me feel fortunate for what I have in my life and my abilities. That is a great example though of making the most of what you have in your life. Being overweight may be painful, but it isn’t hopeless. The sad part is that so many people are overweight their entire life and develop terminal illness because they are unwilling to change there diet.

    Some just don’t know any better because of how the advertising from the media and conventional wisdom teaches us the wrong way to eat. Even if you think you are eating correctly according to conventional wisdom, you are most likely eating too many carbs and processed foods, which plays havoc with your insulin levels.

    Unable to make changes is one thing, unwilling is another, and in my mind not an acceptable excuse. I firmly believe in equal results for the work that you put in. If you look at the work and effort that people like me and you put in to our health, fitness, business, etc., and then see the people trying to get something for nothing, (such s diet pills, steroids, etc.) I am happy to do the work needed to get the results. I also like the fact that my results come from my hard work and effort rather than a free ride given to me from someone else. I am happy to stand on my own two feet and achieve whatever I achieve. I have read many of your posts on your blog and and can see that you too are not looking for a free ride either. I respect that more than someone trying to always find the easy way out.

  15. Srdjan P - Bloom to Fit on said:

    I think more so than anything else, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a mental game. You always have to be conscious of your decisions.

    In my opinion, people tend to over-complicate things. They think they need expensive trainers and high-end equipment to get superior results. Their expectations are incredibly high but as soon as they don’t see results within 2 weeks they quit.

    The best advice I can give you is to stick with it. Once results do start showing (and they will if you stick with it), these results will be your best source of motivation to keep pushing!
    Srdjan P – Bloom to Fit´s last [type] ..3 Power Foods You Probably Don’t Know About

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