Fast Easy Weight Loss: My Cure For Cancer?

by on July 12, 2010

Fast easy weight loss is not only possible, it’s inevitable as long as you follow a few simple diet guidelines. In today’s world of breakneck speed, we want everything fast. Fast cars, fast internet, fast women. . . OK maybe not all of us want fast women. I was just making sure that you were paying attention! I think you get the point though. We want whatever we want and we want it now.

[Remember this scene from the movie, Stripes? My hobbies are fast cars and fast women, that's why the guys in my car club call me cruiser. Should of called him the dork! What a great movie! There are so many classic lines in this movie. If you never saw it, you have to check it out!]

Weight loss is no different. Once we decide to lose weight, we want to lose it fast and easy. We don’t want to hear about losing a pound a week or dieting and exercise. We want to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, while sitting on our couch, and while you’re at it, throw in the guy or girl of our dreams, right?

There is such a thing as fast and easy weight loss, but this isn’t the land of make believe! That kind of stuff is dreamed up in the little heads of the diet industry’s marketing experts, but doesn’t really work in the real world. The good news is that once you get your daily eating habits straightened out, you will lose weight fast and it will be easy. In fact, it will actually be the easiest thing that you have ever done in regards to fitness and weight loss regardless of how old you are.

Anyone that has read much of my posts know that I am all about keeping it simple. Tell me what works and leave it at that, I don’t need to know as much about why things work, just if they work. That being said, when it comes to diet and how food affects your body, I can’t get enough information. I am actually getting a little obsessed!

My Driving Force
I am going to get a little personal here and tell you one of the reasons that I am the person that I am. Twenty one years ago, my Father died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 50. I was 21 years old and as much as I tried to be strong, it has affected me more than anything else in my life. It still affects me, my mother, my sister, and my two brothers. I can honestly say that there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him and what it would be like to have him around to see my three sons.

My Father dying at such an early age has been the driving force in my workouts ever since. I always thought that if I can stay in shape and eat right, maybe I can have a different outcome. I really want to be around for my kids. I want to see them get married, have children, and I want to spoil the shit out of any grand kids that I have!

Of course, I have no idea what the future holds, but at least if I do everything right, then in my mind I should be at peace no matter what happens. I will feel that I did everyhting that I can do when I had the chance. I always exercised and lifted weights, but never paid much attention to my diet. I was always pretty lean and could eat close to whatever I wanted.

iStock 000007864497XSmall Fast Easy Weight Loss: My Cure For Cancer?[I want to be around so me and my wife and spend our days like this in the future. I'm kind of a softy when it comes to my wife and getting old together, but isn't that what life is about?]

Age 50 is my  mental hurdle
At age 41 with this mental hurdle of age 50 creeping closer and closer, I am finally serious about the diet part of this health equation. I realized after reading some incredible books such as “The Primal Blueprint” from Mark Sisson and Dr. Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief” that our diet is more important than anything else. I now eat a whole lot less carbs, avoid empty calories and sugars, and eat plenty of lean meats, vegetables and fruits.

The best part about eating healthier is that it simply does make fast easy weight loss a reality. I recently talked about the affects of insulin on your body and how too much carbohydrates will make you fat and keep you fat in my post, Secret to losing weight. If you haven’t read it yet, you should check it out.

I will be talking more about a proper diet and the effects of insulin on your body in future posts. I realize that making a lifestyle change is not easy and changing your diet might seem to be one of the hardest things to do. In reality though, if you eat the way that your body is designed for you to eat, you will feel more full and satisfied as well as have way more energy everyday. You also will never worry about counting calories and eating too much.

Simple formula that actually works
A simple formula that will work for anyone is to use intermittent fasting one or two times a week and eat properly during the remaining days. If you do this, you will see fast and easy weight loss and never worry about how to lose weight or what the newest fad diet is ever again.

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    24 comments on “Fast Easy Weight Loss: My Cure For Cancer?

    1. Raymond - ZenMyFitness on said:

      Unfortunately we don’t think of healthier things until later in life … but with cancer I guess its also roll the dice and see what plays out …Easier said than done is to live your life today as tomorrow is another day.
      I think you are right with intermittent fasting, eating a bit less than full, natural whole unprocessed foods is all fantastic stuff to make you lean without trying … funny doing this and you probably can eat more? haha
      Raymond – ZenMyFitness´s last [type] ..How to Get the Most Out Yoga- The Sun Salutation Sequence

    2. I like your simple formula BUT my biggest problem is the “NORMAL” part of the eating equation. I understand the fasting part but normal eating is what got me fat to begin with. I guess that is why the fasting part cancels that out. Would you say “normal” is what you sent in an email saying that a meal should consist of 400-600 calories? Thanks!

    3. admin on said:

      Yeah, I guess to a point it is a roll of the dice, but I would like to think that we have some control by what we eat and how we live our life. Regardless of what happens, I try to live life to the fullest and enjoy the time that I have with my family and friends.

      It really depends on each person how many calories a “normal” meal should have. The main thing is to eat until you are not hungry anymore versus eating till you are full. You will tend to overeat if you eat until you are full. You should really limit your carbs in between your fasts. The fasting will definitely make up for your “normal” eating, but if your normal eating is clean, you will turn in to a fat burning machine. The biggest issue that I see in the average persons diet is too much carbs and carbs from processed food and sugars. If your normal diet consists of lots of vegetables, fruits, and lean meats, you will be far better off. Try to stay away from anything that comes in a wrapper, box, or prepackaged meal. I’m not saying that you have to be a food nazi, but the more aware you are of what you put in your body, the better decisions you can make.

    4. Alykhan on said:


      I’m a big fan of The Primal Blueprint and I’m a believer that you can do certain things to allow your body to work with your genes instead of against them and help reduce your risk for many diseases, including cancer. In my opinion, the biggest thing you can do is clean up your diet. Great post.

      Alykhan´s last [type] ..Is Your Ego Preventing Muscle Gains

    5. Darrin on said:


      Sorry to hear about your loss, but I can see how such an incident would give you the drive to optimize your health.

      For me, I grew up in a family where almost everyone was overweight or obese. And from a young age, everyone told me that it was all genetic and I would end up just like my obese relatives. I think this played a big part in my lifelong health obsession. And so far, it’s been working great!
      Darrin´s last [type] ..A Quick Update… and a Change of Pace

    6. admin on said:

      Thanks. Yeah I love the Primal Blueprint book! Between it and Eat-Stop-Eat, it really has changed my perspective and opened up a whole new world when it comes to being healthy. It used to seem so hard and so much work to be healthy, now it seems harder to not be healthy!

      Thanks brother! Actually thanks for being so supportive all the time with all of your comments. The one thing that I have enjoyed more than anything with my blog is meeting so many great people. I really hope that all of us, as well as Rusty, will get together at some point and talk about the good old days when we would only get 50 unique visitors a day! Everyone seems to be progressing really well. I am glad that you didn’t listen to the “herd” and went down a different path. You are proof that you make your own reality!

    7. Darrin on said:

      Not a problem! I’ve really been enjoying your site thus far. There definitely are a lot of good supportive peeps here. I never really made that much of a concerted effort to be “different for different’s sake,” although I did want to stand out. Cheers!
      Darrin´s last [type] ..A Quick Update… and a Change of Pace

    8. Kevin on said:


      Sorry to hear that about your father. Losing weight and being fit is a win-win situation as far as the future holds. Either you will be more physically fit and healthy to handle or prevent life threatening risks or if we are lucky enough to avoid these risks, at least we will be fit to perform the activities we love. I want to be able to run around with my grandkids when I’m older and take them hiking, fishing, or whatever. And continue to do those things on my own also. Thats my motivation. Thanks for another great post.

    9. Dave - Fitness Training Tips on said:

      It must have been tough to lose your father so young and on top of it have what seems to be a ticking clock in your head. I’m glad you’ve really pulled your diet and exercise program together and I’m sure you’ll maintain good health for another 40+ years! I certainly wish you and your family a lifetime of happiness…my family is definitely the most important of my life as well.
      Dave – Fitness Training Tips´s last [type] ..How Much Protein Do I Need Per Day

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