Chi Running, Nike +, And Me Being A Cheap Ass!

by on July 20, 2011

I am going to catch you guys up with how my training is going and what I have been up to lately.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I took some time off of resistance training because of some pain in my elbow. To make up for it, I have been running more often than usual. I also mentioned in my last post how I started to practice Chi Running. I ran 62.5 miles so far in July which is around 20 miles per week. This past Sunday, I ran 9 miles, which was my longest run for the month.

iStock 000002431432XSmall Chi Running, Nike +, And Me Being A Cheap Ass![Me and my wife have been running on the trail by my house recently. I think it would be great to live by a beach and to be able to run like this in the mornings!]

I only ran 5 miles this past Wednesday because it has been in the high eighties and even above ninety degrees outside in Pittsburgh. It has been brutal to try and run in, and add in the high humidity that Pittsburgh is known for, and it is almost unbearable! I am going to have to keep my runs limited to early morning or later at night.

As far as Chi Running goes, I have still had absolutely no pain in my knees or anywhere else since I started concentrating on running this way. It is one of the few things in life that you hear about and then when you try it, it actually works even better than expected. I will continue to keep you guys posted on how it is going.

I downloaded the Nike + app for my Iphone to track my individual runs. It tracks your distance, pace, speed, etc. For $1.99 it is pretty awesome and works off of your phone’s GPS. It has been really accurate when I checked it off of the mile markers on the trail that I run. I actually bought a Nike + watch that does the same thing for $200 and then quickly returned it once I found this app. Not trying to be a cheapass, but why spend $200, when you can spend $1.99? The watch may of did a few extra things, but the app does more than enough for me.

nike + 200x300 Chi Running, Nike +, And Me Being A Cheap Ass![Here is a screenshot from the app. If you have an Iphone, you should check it out.]

Guess what has happened since I cut down on resistance training and increased running?

I gained weight!

In fact, I gained around five pounds in the last month. I probably fasted only two times this whole Summer, so far. I have been maintaining my weight at around 170 for months now and didn’t have any reason to fast. I am now up to around 174-175, which isn’t bad, but it is slowly creeping up. My diet has been pretty bad recently given all of the picnics, camp outs, and get togethers since the weather got warmer.

No big deal, I am happy to live my life how I want and let intermittent fasting clean up the mess, so to speak.

It was just a little surprising to see the scale go up after running so much. The bottom line though is that it shouldn’t be surprising at all. Since I have been running, I seem to be starving all the time, and have been eating way more than usual. I always say that you can’t out exercise a bad diet and this is a perfect example. Regardless of whether you are lifting, running, or doing both like me, calories in versus calories out still are the key.

I am going to continue to run until it isn’t fun anymore and I am starting to ease back in to lifting again. I never would of imagined in a million years that I would like running, but I actually find myself daydreaming about it during the day at work.

Weird. Who knows, I am going to just roll with it for now. I am going to do a half marathon in October and see how I feel after that. I will let everyone know how that goes once I do it.

[Once I get Chi Running down, I am going to start working on this!  icon wink Chi Running, Nike +, And Me Being A Cheap Ass! Fast forward to around 50 seconds or so.]

I will start to eat better now that I gained some weight and I will probably fast a little more to get back down to around 170 lbs. That is the beauty of intermittent fasting. It is a tool that can be used on and off as needed. I don’t recommend getting too far out of shape or gaining thirty pounds and then losing it again like a yo-yo, but it is nice to let loose at times and then just get back on track.

Once you start to know how your body reacts to certain types of training and foods, it really isn’t hard to stay on top of things. My friend Rusty from Fitness Black Book talks about getting in shape once in your life and then just maintaining it for the rest of your life. You only really have to work extremely hard once to get in shape, after that it is easier to stay in shape.

Later Peeps. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

newsignature Chi Running, Nike +, And Me Being A Cheap Ass!

10 comments on “Chi Running, Nike +, And Me Being A Cheap Ass!

  1. Dave - Not Your Average Fitness Tips on said:

    Glad to hear the Chi Running is going well. The weight gain is sort of a surprise. I’ve read studies that say steady state cardio like long distance running tends to increase appetite while high intensity exercise like HIIT and resistance training actually reduce appetite. However, it could just be all the tempting meals, snacks, and drinks that come along with the summer. Hope the elbow gets better soon!

  2. Alykhan - Fitness Breakout on said:


    Glad you’re continuing to experience success with ChiRunning. I don’t do much long distance running anymore, maybe once every couple of weeks. The biggest problem I’ve found with lots of long distance running, as you’ve seen first hand, is an increased appetite.


  3. Kelly-Fitness Overhaul on said:

    Yeah. It is has been my eating lately. I haven’t been fasting much and I have been eating more. I guess it really isn’t much of a surprise. I have been preaching calories in versus calories out for the last year or so. I think I am going to slowly get back to normal here real soon. It is nice to know that with a few minor adjustments, I will be right back where I was.

    I am really feeling good with my running! Thanks for turning me on to Chi Running! I did 10 miles the other morning at about 85 degrees outside! It still felt good to be out there on the trail. I may hate running next month, but for now, I am really enjoying it! I am going to do a half marathon in October, so at least the weather will be cooler! I’ll keep you posted.


  4. Fitness Bloomer on said:

    Hey Kelly great post man. 9 miles in one day is insane!! What are you aiming for?

    I have the same application on my iPhone. Another good one is Run Keeper Pro and they have a very useful free version. You can track all of your stuff online as well.

  5. Fitness Bloomer on said:

    Oh, and to be honest, I’m not at all surprised at the weight gain. I’ve never seen steady state cardio work for weight loss or maintenance. Your diet truly has to be spot on to make it work. I’m glad you’re enjoying life though. That’s what it’s all about.

  6. Darrin - Lean, Mean, Virile Machine on said:

    Interesting… I just got a pair of Vibram Fivefingers and have been doing more running recently. I’ll have to see where my weight goes, but I’ve been lifting heavy as well. Keep us up to date on the half-marathon training!

  7. Ahmed on said:

    It’s gotta be the increase in appetite from steady state. Working out that much aerobically is bound to result in increases for sweets, carbs, ect… But as you said, you’ve got the knowledge to get back to normal and form somewhat of a compromise between the exercise you enjoy and the normality of your weight and appetite.

  8. admin on said:

    I am going to do a half marathon in October. I am happy to say that I am kind of getting back in the groove. Eating more normal, training better, and back down to around 171 lbs. I actually ran 102 miles in July and have no pain at all! I ran 10 miles one day last week and felt good inspite of the 90 degree heat!
    I ran with my Vibrams a few times and really love them. I went 4 miles and then 6 miles and felt great both times. I won’t run in them all the time, but they definitely help to teach you not to heel strike. I will use them as a training aid more than anything.

    Yeah. I am actually back down and starting to settle in to a groove. I started doing some more bodyweight training as well and as long as my elbow feels ok, I will keep it up. I am going to do a half marathon in October, so for now, running is going to be a priority.

  9. Fitness Bloomer on said:

    That’s really impressive stuff man keep up the good work. And keep us posted with the Chi running.

  10. ave from on said:

    I love that app! I’d be lost without it.

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