About Us

fitnesstrainerI’ve been a gym trainer for several years, and one thing I’d like to change is the notion that you can only get fit and get the training you need when
you’re in the gym. Many people often start their weight loss and fitness goals by signing up on gym memberships or workout classes. There’s nothing wrong
with that, and I’ve been proud of all the results and effort of all my clients and students. But what about those who still want to train and get fit at
home or even when they feel they are too busy with work and with family?

This is why I’ve decided to launch Fitness Overhaul – to share and train even at home or anywhere. Fitness training isn’t limited to the gym, it can be
done at your place, the sidewalk outside your home, the stairs or office, anywhere you go. Sure you’ll have the advance equipment in world class gym
studios, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t replicate the training and results at home.

I’d like to reach out to those fitness goals that you’ve shove aside every after New Year. This is a call to all women, singles or mothers or in any
status, who all want to feel and look awesome with their body.

Redefine Body Training
We’ll take training to the core and strip down any need for advance equipment. This way, you can follow the workouts and exercise moves I’m going to share
even with just an open space and clean mat. I’ve modified the workout sets so that you can squeeze the reps in between chores and hectic schedules. It’s
all going to be about efficient moves that focus on target areas you want to trim and tone. No running around the bush, no sugar-coated dance moves.

Retake that Drive to Change
The body achieves what the mind believes.

One problem with gym memberships is that people make it the reason to start exercising, and ironically, it’s also the reason people give out why haven’t reached their fitness goals.

“I quit the gym and that’s why I started gaining weight”

Fitness Overhaul aims to change that mindset. There won’t be any reason to resort to that ever again. If you’re going to quit or just can’t go to the gym, your body’s progress shouldn’t stop at that point. Working out at home can be as rewarding as most gym programs. The only crucial keys are motivation and technique.

I will be sharing workout moves that can pinpoint muscles that you want to focus on. Let’s lose those extra flabs on the arms, back, waist and thighs. Let’s melt those fat handles and get ready for the beach.

I won’t be promising that the results will be instant or that everything will be easy. I cannot say that we will be taking out sweat in the equation. That would be a joke to start with and we’re not doing sales talk. It’s our bodies we are talking about and our own health as our focus. And your body deserves care and proper training to reach its peak form, and this is what Fitness Overhaul will be about – the best you can be.

We’ll do it one rep at a time, one pound at a time. I’ll be here each step of the way and share tips on every workout that you can apply for different fitness levels. Enjoy access to numerous health articles, exercise and training videos at home or anywhere.

When is the best time to start training or anything something new? Here’s what they say, the best time to start was yesterday, but the next best time is NOW. Let’s not wait for New Year resolution trends and start that fitness overhaul today!